The Holiday Glow (food for your skin)

Updated: Jan 17

In the Holiday season, the first thing we think about is after the new year to go on a diet or detox to reduce our guilt feeling. But why not see the positive side of it?

So, feel better already, some of the food that you get to eat during the Holiday can be beneficial for your skin.


Oysters are a superfood and believe what follows even if it is crazy

  • Very high in Zinc, I think it is the food where you can find the most Zinc, and this helps to create healthy collagen, it is the best food against anti-aging.

  • They are full of antioxidants (e.g. Vitamin C) that will protect the skin from free radicals, outside aggression, but they can also repair some damages already done.

  • The Zinc again, here, is repairing the damages from acne, the zinc in oysters eliminates the bacteria that causes acne and soothes the redness and irritation that came from it. It sounds miraculous and it is, that's maybe why oysters don't look that attractive, nothing is perfect but I must say that it is my favorite food (lucky me). But you can also find zinc in red meat and poultry, lentils, nuts, crab and lobster, whole grains, some cereals.

Main Course

Turkey is rich in good proteins, zinc, and vitamin B3 (Niacin), which helps to produce collagen and elastin.

  • Protein helps to produce collagen and elastin, which is necessary for anti-aging and helps to have a good skin texture and tone. (also found in lean meat, fish, nuts, tofu, beans, and lentils)

  • Zinc helps maintain the natural collagen and elastin fibers to have a firm skin. It also allows the skin cells to renew faster and protects the cell membranes to make them stronger. More moisture and fewer wrinkles.

  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps to maintain a strong skin barrier and reduce inflammation. (also found in broccoli, kale, tuna, and mushrooms) Poultry, in general, contains selenium and antioxidant mineral; it helps also to protect the elastin in the skin and from inflammation.


Sweet potatoes and carrots

There are always other sides but those ones are very good for your skin

  • Sweet Potatoes, the beta-carotene in them is converted into Vitamin A in our body, and it helps the growth of new skin cells, therefore will slow down the aging of the skin and show a more vibrant look.

  • The beta-carotene in Carrots is also providing vitamins A but also carotenoids that will strengthen the skin barrier and protect your skin from all environmental aggressions as solar radiation and toxins. This is the good side of the winter and the Holiday, even though there are other foods at this period that are not necessarily the healthiest, I wanted to just remind us that some of them can be very good and help our skincare inside out. I don't have a Dessert part, but I will let you just enjoy your favorite one, it will for sure be good for the mood.

Take care, and enjoy ✨

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