K-Beauty, why the Korean skincare became so big?

Updated: Jan 17

I cannot lie to you and have to admit that Korean skincare is one of my favourite, I can't even explain it... Oh sorry... I actually should be able to, that's why I have that blog, right?

So, Korean beauty is based on tradition and uses natural and gentle ingredients, that's why Korean skincare is a star in the clean skincare industry. Let's understand why most of their skincare products are reliable to have clean and efficient content.

Weird Ingredients

Korean skincare uses many unpopular or surprising ingredients like snail mucus or bee venom. They are not afraid to use anything in our beautiful nature from the moment it works and in general… it really works. These 2 are just examples of many other wacky ingredients. (Salmon eggs, silk, sea kelp… and many others that I don't dare to mention)

Snail Mucus:

Benefits: It moisturizes and repairs the skin barrier. It also stimulates collagen production and cell regeneration. It has a healing property that calms irritations, as well as smooths the skin.

Bee venom: It is anti-inflammatory

Benefits - It breaks down cell membranes, which tricks your body into thinking it's under attack. It responds by increasing circulation, triggering the production of collagen, and even relaxing facial muscles. This helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which is why some use bee venom as a natural alternative to Botox.

Crazy stuff here but it kind of makes the skincare routine more exciting, no? In my opinion, I think that you can't bring up this kind of ancient, traditional, and yet innovative ingredients without the certainty of their efficiency. And in general, it is cruelty-free, check this for snail slime and bee venom.

Revolutionary and Innovative Techniques

They use fermentation generally in salt water to encourage the growth of good bacteria, and when they mix the formula the product will apparently penetrate your skin more effectively.

What I mean: the fermentation process breaks down ingredients (from the fermented ingredient) into smaller parts, if they are smaller they are going to enter into your pores easier and maximize the benefits of it.

The fermentation uses yeast naturally to secrete enzymes and it makes ingredients in a product more powerful. And also, this will allow you to keep any products longer. It is a natural preservative.

Not only about how you look

Korean women learn how to take care of their skin at an early age and how important it is. Their beauty routine consists of a 10 step routine… Yes, I wrote it right, 10! Is it the reason they have fresh flawless skin? Prevention is their way to go, instead of repairing they all start before anything happens. And that is part of their culture.

  1. Oil-based cleansing - to remove the makeup and dirt.

  2. Water-based cleansing - with the usual cleanser to remove any residue and truly clear the face of all impurities, and make the skin ready to absorb all following products

  3. Exfoliate - chemical or physical, it helps to remove dead skin cells for brighter and smoother skin.

  4. Toner - to hydrate and repair the skin barrier

  5. Essence - to treat from this liquid full of moisturizing, protecting, and anti-aging ingredients. And to hydrate again.

  6. Anti-aging, brightening, or acne-fighting Serums - thicker than the essence it treats specific skin concerns (fine line, acne, hyperpigmentation...)

  7. Eye cream - to Hydrate the delicate and thin area

  8. Moisturizer - to moisturize and again to hydrate

  9. Sunscreen - in the morning only

  10. Sleeping mask to optimize the cell reconstruction while sleeping and you would never guess... to hydrate more...

This is a long list but this is totally normal there and it apparently really works. I think we can skip some steps and have a really good skin look and hydration. The sleeping mask can be done maybe once a week, the essence is just an extra, exfoliation can be mixed with the toner, eye cream is actually a moisturizer so you can use your normal moisturizer if you know that it is a gentle one as the under-eye is very sensitive and delicate, (but stay tuned I will write a post all about the under-eyes)

Maybe, keep these 10 steps skin routine once a week or every 2 weeks because in the end it is about treating yourself and we need it sometimes, Spa day when the Spas are closed. For Korean women, it is a culture to know what to put on their skin, ingredients-wise they are truly aware of what they have in their skincare products.


In Korea, they see this beauty routine as a way to bring their mind and body some love. The ancient Korean belief is your soul and your skin are one and this results in their "well-being". This 10 steps skincare routine is their way to unwind and relax while improving their skin health with high-quality products. It is all about falling in love with their skin every time they see it and boosting their confidence.

So Korean beauty is popular because it is more than just selling good products, it is a philosophy, a way to see yourself and take care of yourself with better products every time. Ingredients are key, uses nature and technology to have the best experience in your bathroom.

Take care of yourself and Bisous ✌🏾

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