Finding safe skincare in Amsterdam

First, Let's talk about how it is to find 1 spot, online or physical, with only clean skincare products in Amsterdam. I am talking about finding a place where you would have safe and quality choices.

In general, they are having products that say that they are natural, organic... etc. But it doesn't mean anything anymore... Let's talk about that.

When I arrived in Amsterdam I was more into taking care of myself and was eager to find safer creams and cleansers but it was challenging, for example I tried 2 cleansers that were drying my skin especially the one from "Honest" (there were alcohol denat in the formula). Then I started to make my own skincare at home, it felt good but was it enough…? Not really, masks and scrubs, okay… but then making cleansers, moisturizers, serums... It is another story, science is crucial in this process, at least it's what I discover when I spotted what is good and get into self-studying ingredients in skincare.

I was checking articles and videos about clean skincare products: what is it? What does it mean? Where can I find them? Then I learned much more about quality natural ingredients related to science: the good alcohols, the good acids, and all kinds of beneficial molecules for our skin extracted from plants, fruits, roots, nuts... We have improved with time and can reproduce from nature what our skin produces naturally and needs with age.

I couldn’t find a platform gathering ONLY brands that promise a safe recipe.

Everyone doesn't want to spend hours checking all kinds of Websites and searching if the products are really what they need, or if it fits their skin. I want to offer this blog

as a platform to find info that will ease your research and treat yourselves and your skin properly.

Also, for having a more concrete and personalized insight check here: book your free 1st intake and maybe get yourself a skincare buddy ;)

Hereby, I wanted to share one of the online shops that offer almost quality and trustworthy skincare, and some others have a little bit of a wider range.

In this online store, you can find the Korean brand Erborian to the Greek one Korres, passing by the British sensitive skin specialist brand Pai. Your order in general arrives the day after with a nice personalized handwriting message 🙌 .

In this online shop, you can just find all kinds of beauty products, many brands for everyone, and every price range. The order arrives generally after 3-4 working days.

From the American brand Deciem, the ordinary is a collection of clinical treatments free of toxicity and has an incredible value for money (you can also find the ordinary collection on The products the ordinary offer are very specific and pure so you have to know what suits best your skin. To have an idea, you can check this video from the beauty within.

You can find all kinds of Korean skincare brands, what is nice also is that you can check what products can match with your skin type or according to a specific issue you have.

This website is well done and they offer a wide range of Korean skincare which I love. I use it already for a few years and mission accomplished for them, a beautiful package arrives within 2 working days and they always add small gifts. 🎁 🙌🏾

Same as, they are specialized in korean skincare. This new online shop is also very well done and until now I am highly satisfied as the order arrives the same day if you ordered early that day or the day after 👏 .

These websites links are a must-have in your bookmarks bar.

Take care and Bisous 😘

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