Why should we be conscious of our skincare products' ingredients?

Updated: Jan 12

Life happens, and your skin is living as much as the rest of your body and you want to take care of it, right?

Outside Factors

Not only because time passes by but also the pollution and the weather, our skin is constantly exposed to all kinds of aggression and undeniable factors that take part in the aging of our skin, therefore it is our role to keep up with the right ingredients to make sure that our skin cells regenerate the best while aging. For that, we have to talk about how the skin produces naturally all kinds of chemicals to keep the elasticity in the game.

Nowadays, ingredients in skincare are very confusing. Which ones are good, safe, not harmful, natural, organic, toxic, harsh, moisturizing, drying...?

We produce less and less collagen and hyaluronic acid

Why do we have this natural lift when we are younger? (and it goes very slowly but safely away with time) Because we produce less and fewer collagen (that keeps this plump look) and hyaluronic acid (keep the skin hydrated).

We are producing these two naturally but it is just lower and lower when we age, that's why it is a must to start to take care of it with the right products to keep our fresh look, no miracle going to occur but it is going to feel good and the difference will most likely be huge in a long term.

You know, as simple as that it is just important to wash off the dirt accumulated on your skin, whether you are staying at home all day or not because the dirt can clog your pores after a while, causing breakouts and irregularities. Our skin cells are shedding every single day. So time to find the right cleanser, moisturizer, serum and create the right skincare routine for yourself.

Prevention is better than cure

You take vitamins, you eat healthily and it counts also for your skin just do it inside and out, what you eat helps a lot but it is also important to maintain it topically. This is an inseparable combination.

When you do all that, your future self will thank you because it is not only for you now that you would do that but for the future 'you". Taking care of it today in prevention can be cheaper and easier than if you have to fix a skin issue later.

Treat yourself with facials once in a while or masks. It is good for your skin but also for your mind, believe me. All this "taking care of your skin" bring also to "taking care of yourself" and caring about yourself, this all thing will take part to make you feel more confident and beautiful.

💁: Make-up is nice and fun but, remember that it looks much fresher and smoother if you have better skin therefore a better skincare routine with the right products with the right ingredients. Make-up should not be used to hide your skin but to enhance your beauty.

Taker care and Bisous 😘

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